Friday, August 12, 2011


Welcome to my new blog. I will be your artist for the evening (or whatever other time it is in your corner of the multiverse). For those of you who don't know me yet, my name is Cliff Roth and I am a digital painter. The software I use is Photoshop CS and Sketchbook Pro and the hardware is an IMac coupled with a Wacom Cintiq. Though most of my work is digital I also use graphite, charcoal and colored pencil with the occasional foray into acrylic.

One of the excercises I do to warm up is speedpainting caricatures. For a long time I would stick to painting celebrities as decent reference is only an image search away. These I have been posting to my FB fan page and more recently in an album on Google Plus. A little while ago a fellow Google Pluser Tarah Gaa posted this comment on a Danny Trejo speedpainting I did: "These are simply wonderful! Makes me wish I was famous. ;) "

This single comment got the wheels spinning in my head. Why not speedpaint caricatures of fellow Google Plussers live via hangouts? Since having this epiphany I have hosted several Speedpaint Hangouts. While the results are good the paintings are no where near the level of my full fledged paintings. I want to narrow that gap as much as possible.

My goal is to be able to do a fully realized caricature painting in a half hour live via hangout. This blog is where I will chronicle my progress toward that end.

If you are interested in getting one done please let me know and we can set something up.

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