Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Big Day

I left my 'day job' early and got home around 4am early Saturday morning. Too awake to sleep I hopped on G+ and announced my availability for a Speedpaint Hangout. Ryan Crowe took me up on the offer and this is the result:

After getting some sleep I started an evening of Hangouts during which I did the following Speedpaints:

Dizzy Wiz

Paul Terry Walhus

Ash Mogg sorry it took so long for our schedules to jive.

Daymond Decker

Guy Kawasaki If I remember correctly Guy said it was his first 'successful' hangout. When he said that it began to dawn on me that a lot of the people I have speedpainted have said the same thing. I tend to get a lot of first-timers. Truly an honor.

Thank you all for participating. I am beginning to go from speedpainting to warm-up to warming up to speedpaint.

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