Thursday, August 25, 2011

Monday Night Craziness!

Monday night was a first for me. Being broadcasted live via YouTube across the webisphere. What an insane adventure.

Earlier in the day I announced that I would be speedpainting rising star Daria Musk around midnight EST. I knew it would be a busy hangout but I didn't realize how busy it would prove to be.

When I got home from my 'day job' at 11:55 I logged in to find that the amazing body painter, Paul Roustan had the forsight to invite me to a Hangout in order to guarantee his spot. Michael Haider who has sat in on several Hangouts was also ready and waiting (though he graciously bowed out when he learned it was going to be streamed in order to let others in). I joined the Hangout and invited Daria in. Wasn't long before the place filled up (actually it over-filled somehow we managed to have 11 people in there).

Michael Mozart of Jeepers Media is one of those that joined in. He is the one responsible for broadcasting it live. He took awhile to set up which is a good thing because it gave a chance for some of my nerves to settle.

Finally I began speedpainting Daria. While it didn't come out as great as I would have liked given the wide audience, I think it came out fairly well for laughing the entire time. Mike is one very funny person. Coming back the next day I noticed that I kind of skewed her face a bit because I wasn't diligent about constantly mirroring the image to counter-act that so I made a few slight adjustments. Here is the result (I accidentally saved the file over the original so I no longer have the unaltered version but it is in my G+ album):

After finishing the one of Daria I couldn't help but speedpaint Mike himself:

A big thank you to Daria and Mike and everyone else who joined in. I had a blast.

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