Monday, September 5, 2011

The Cliffathon!

In order for me to drum up interest in my Kickstarter Project I came up with the idea of doing an 8-Hour Speedpaint Hangout session that I dubbed the 'Cliffathon'. I made an announcement on my page and the great Cam Meadows offered to stream the whole thing live at How awesome is that? Thanks Cam!

During the event I painted 10 fellow Plussers and interacted with many more.

First up:
Willie Bido

Next up was one of my earliest backers Mike Quillen! Thanks so much!

Next I had the honor to speedpaint the man behind G+ Recommended Users, Alireza Yavari:

Here is Tim Clary

Next is a fantastic storyteller and humanitarian, Bruce Garber. Thank you for keeping us entertained while I painted your pic and for the contacts you have set me up with I can't thank you enough.

Next up is Ahmed Zeeshan followed a few paintings later by his girlfriend Caroline Hale:

Here is Chris Lira:

After waiting patiently for several hours it came time for Tony Rouse who recorded his and posted it:

This one was probably the most fun to paint, the man in the fuzzy pink hat, Mike Stenger!

The last one of the night that I did was of poor Robert Anderson this one was so unsuccesful I didn't bother saving it. The reasons it was an epic fail are many among them: bad cam, bad lighting, but most of all it is really hard to paint while laughing hysterically as I was during it. If you were there or were watching the Livestream than you know why. I will definitely be doing a proper one of him soon.

Thank you to all who either watched or hung out. I hope to do another one of these soon. Stay tuned for time and date.....

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